IDAPython / IDC tips and tricks

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IDAPython >= 7.4

Clear output window

    form = ida_kernwin.find_widget("Output window")
    ida_kernwin.activate_widget(form, True)

Compute function length

def compute_function_length(ea):
    return idc.get_func_attr(ea, idc.FUNCATTR_END) - ea

C++ Name demangling

func_name = idc.get_func_name(f)
demangled_name = idc.demangle_name(func_name, idc.get_inf_attr(idc.INF_SHORT_DN))

Jump to from QModelIndex

# where 1 is the column with the address
idaapi.jumpto(int(item.sibling(item.row(), 1).data(), 16))

Get all subcalls from a function

def get_function_called(ea):
    funcs = []
    for h in idautils.FuncItems(ea):
        for r in idautils.XrefsFrom(h, 0):
            if r.type == idautils.ida_xref.fl_CF or r.type == idautils.ida_xref.fl_CN:
    return funcs

Search for pattern across whole binary

sequence = "83 F8 01"
found_ea = ida_ida.inf_get_min_ea()-1
end_ea = ida_ida.inf_get_max_ea()
print(f"Looking for pattern in {hex(found_ea+1)}-{hex(end_ea)}")
while True:
    found_ea = idaapi.find_binary(found_ea+1, end_ea, needle, 16, idaapi.SEARCH_DOWN)
    if found_ea == idaapi.BADADDR: break
    print(f"Found at {hex(found_ea)}")

Verify if address is mapped/valid

addr = 0xdeadbeef
if addr >= ida_ida.inf_get_min_ea() and addr <= ida_ida.inf_get_max_ea():
    print("Valid address!")

Add QIcon without including a file (base64 encoded)

toolbar = QtWidgets.QToolBar()
saveImg = QtGui.QPixmap()
saveAction = QtWidgets.QAction(QtGui.QIcon(saveImg), "Save", parent)